【update history】 crud-d-scaffold v2.5.1 – Add many-to-many relationship(2017.11.02)

I’m dog-ears.

I added a many to many relationship to crud-d-scaffold,
I will introduce you.

■github – dog-ears/crud-d-scaffold

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【update history】 crud-d-scaffold v2.2.0 – Fix to change the User model of authentication embedded in Laravel (exact match)(2017.08.30)

We modified to change the User model of the authentication incorporated in Laravel.

In crud-d-scaffold.json,

"use_laravel_auth": "true"

Specify and set the model name to user.

After that, execute make: auth,

php artisan crud-d-scaffold:setup -f

When you execute, the user model will be changed.

Source code

【update history】 crud-d-scaffold v2.1.0 – remove has_many property from crud-d-scaffold.json(2017.08.29)

Removed has_many property from crud-d-scaffold.json.
Changed to automatically set has_many based on belongsto property.

Also added is the ability to check for belongosto property and belongsto_column property target model · schema.