【update history】 crud-d-scaffold v2.0.0 – Full renewal(2017.08.10)

I’m dog-ears.

I updated major version of crud-d-scaffold, so I will introduce it in detail.

Package overview

This package was created to generate a basic CRUD application for Laravel 5.4.

※ If you are using laravel 5.3, package version 1.3.1.
※ If you are using laravel 5.2, please use package version 1.2.0.

The CRUD application generated by this package has the following features.

[ General ]
– In addition to the basic CRUD (new creation, detail display, update, delete), there is a “Duplicate” function.
– Adopted Bootstrap 3 for display
– Describe application configuration in setting file -> Automatic generation completed by command execution.
– At the time of execution from the second time, all newly overwritten by the -f option (excluding the migration file)
– it is possible to create One-to-many relation creation between models
– The main creation files are model, controller, migration, seeding, view

[ List Page ]
– Refine search available (Text input items are partially matched, otherwise the range specification)
– You can sort by each item.
– Pager function.
– You can set columns Display or non-display in the initial setting file.
– When deleting, there is confirmation.

[ New registration / edit / duplication page ]
– Input format can be selected from input or textarea
– However, a column with belongsto relation displays a pulldown.

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Making laravel CRUD-d application in five minutes (Introduction of dogears / CrudDscaffold package)

I have developed a package to generate a basic CRUD-d application in laravel. This article introduct how to use.


As following the specification of an application to be created

(i) Create(C)、Show(R)、Update(U)、Delete(D)and, You can Duplicate items(d).
(ii) At the index page, you can search for a word, and the range specified. Multipleconditions are also possible.

let’s do it.

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