【update history】 crud-d-scaffold v2.0.0 – Full renewal(2017.08.10)

I’m dog-ears.

I updated major version of crud-d-scaffold, so I will introduce it in detail.

Package overview

This package was created to generate a basic CRUD application for Laravel 5.4.

※ If you are using laravel 5.3, package version 1.3.1.
※ If you are using laravel 5.2, please use package version 1.2.0.

The CRUD application generated by this package has the following features.

[ General ]
– In addition to the basic CRUD (new creation, detail display, update, delete), there is a “Duplicate” function.
– Adopted Bootstrap 3 for display
– Describe application configuration in setting file -> Automatic generation completed by command execution.
– At the time of execution from the second time, all newly overwritten by the -f option (excluding the migration file)
– it is possible to create One-to-many relation creation between models
– The main creation files are model, controller, migration, seeding, view

[ List Page ]
– Refine search available (Text input items are partially matched, otherwise the range specification)
– You can sort by each item.
– Pager function.
– You can set columns Display or non-display in the initial setting file.
– When deleting, there is confirmation.

[ New registration / edit / duplication page ]
– Input format can be selected from input or textarea
– However, a column with belongsto relation displays a pulldown.

How to installation and execution

Step1:Installing package through Composer

# /composer.json

"require": {
 "dog-ears/crud-d-scaffold": "2.*"

and update composer

composer update

Step2:Add a service provider

# /config/app.php

'providers' => [

Step3:Run Artisan!

php artisan

When executed, the following commands have been added.

- 'crud-d-scaffold:setup' : Setup crud-d-scaffold with bootstrap 3

This completes the preparation.
Let’s register the sample.

(i) Public resources

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=public --force

(ii) Copy crud-d-scaffold.json.sample in package to laravel project root. and rename it.

cp ./vendor/dog-ears/crud-d-scaffold/crud-d-scaffold.json.sample ./crud-d-scaffold.json

(iii) run crud-d-scaffold:setup

crud-d-scaffold:setup -f

Overwriting the file with -f option.
For the first time, the f option is unnecessary. (No problem with putting on)

(iv) run migration and seeding

php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

It’s all over.
Please check your application.
If you want to modify the application structure,
After running [migrate: rollback], delete the migration file (/ database / migrations /) and then
execute [ Crud-d-scaffold: setup-f ]

Specification of crud-d-scaffold.json

– /*…*/ It is treated as a comment.
– please surround it with double quotation like “true”.

 "app_type": "web", /* [default:web] */ <- Currently, only 'web' is acceptable
 "models": [
 "name": "jointAuthor", /* [required] format[nameName] */ <- Name of model
 "display_name": "JOINT AUTHOR", /* [required] */ <- Display name of the model
 "use_soft_delete": "true", /* [default:false] ex( true, false ) */ <- Whether to use software delete
 "has_many": ["nicePost"], /* [default:[]] format[nameName] */ <- If there is a has_many relationship, describe the target model name as an array.
 "schemas": [
 "name": "realName", /* [required] */ <- Column name (In the case of relation, make it model name _id)
 "type": "string", /* [default:string] ex( integer, string ) */ <- Column type
 "input_type": "text", /* [default:text] text, textarea */ /* relation_column forced to pulldown */
 "faker_type": "name()", /* [default -> no seeding] ex( randomDigit(), randomNumber(2), numberBetween(1,30), word(), sentence(), paragraph(), text(), name(), address(), date('Y-m-d','now'), safeEmail(), password() ) */ <- seed faker type (If not, it is generated by '' (please make nullable "true") )
 "nullable": "false", /* [default:false] ex( true, false ) */ <- Whether null is allowed or not
 "display_name": "REAL NAME",/* [required] */ <- Display name
 "show_in_list": "true", /* [default:true] ex( true, false ) */ <- Whether to display on the list page
 "show_in_detail": "true", /* [default:true] ex( true, false ) */ <- Whether to display on the detail page
 "belongsto": "", /* [default:""] */ <- Target model to belongsto
 "belongsto_column": "" /* [default:""] */ <- Column name of target model to be displayed in relation column


-f, –force Overwrite the file. (If there is an existing file in the absence of the option, processing stops there.)

Usage notes

– You can use laravel auth. At first [ php artisan make:auth ] and run crud-d-scaffold.
– You can not change / delete tables, change columns or delete columns. Create a new one from 0 and overwrite it.
– Column names, model names, etc. are automatically converted according to the convention of laravel, so it is not possible to create singular and plural models at the same time.

Functions to be implemented in the future

– Enable to choose as web application or backend api.
– create package for angular front-end with crud-d-scaffold.json.(it is about another package.)
– form validation
– Display the list of hasmany objects on detail page
– Implement file upload form
– Generate test Files

and so on

testing environment

This package is tested by laravel dusk.
see below repository.


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